Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nashville part 3 - the random photos

Finishing up my Nashville posts now, with part 3!  This is a small collection of photos from various locations, starting with the farmer's market, which is open daily (as all farmer's markets should be, right?)

More antiquing...should have bought this!

A lovely East Nashville mural

A church near Nashville, and some of that golden hour light I can't get enough of :)


A last peek of the city.

I really liked what I got to see of Nashville, and I hope to stay a bit longer next time and find more awesome thangs :)  As I write this, Victoria is having a super time in another much-loved city, so check back later to see where! (also, find more of my pictures on Instagram @makebelieveart)

Where have you been exploring this summer??  Comment below!

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