Monday, August 19, 2013

Antique postcard makeover

I'm on a postcard kick. I love finding old, faded postcards at antique stores and using them for quick notes to friends.  I guess it kind of elevates the nostalgia of letter-writing!  

Here's a quick project for sprucing up, modernizing, and adding color to your vintage paper finds.  

You need: 

- old postcards (these can easily cost $10, sometimes more! Yikes! I look for nice cards with little to no writing, in the $1-2 range)

- tape (old papers are delicate--try a washi tape that doesn't have too much tack to it)

- acrylic gouache (craft paint or regular acrylic may work as well)

- paintbrush and water

1. Place strips of tape on your card.  If you are unsure about the stickiness of the tape, put the tape on cloth first to make it less adhesive.

2. Adding just a little water, paint between the tape strips.  If you need a quick palette, a folded piece of wax paper works great!

3. Peel the tape off and allow your card to dry.  

I've found that taping over dried paint can peel both paint and paper. Yikes!  Be very careful if you decide to try that.

4. Write something beautiful and mail it to an unsuspecting friend :)

Did you try this?  Show us by linking in the comments!

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