Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Local Favorite

Some people call me foodie, some call me mom or wife, but my birth name is Victoria. We have six kids, and a three year old on the way. My husband and I do dates weekly, to keep the fire going. Thankfully we love all the same things. We spend a lot of our personal time going to local restaurants, concerts, and anything to support the local arts. We also started a small business together, making industrial furniture, called Them Two Birds.

We recently went to one of our favorite spots, in Downtown Woodstock, called Freight. I'm a creature of habit, so I often get the same meal - their chicken and waffles, made with seasonal fruit from local farmers, is amazing - but occasionally I will get something else, and I am never disappointed.

Freight Kitchen & Tap is one of those places that has appetizers like deviled eggs and a bologna sandwich, and you know it has to be good if its something so simple... And their bananas foster... Yum! But anyone who knows us knows we really go for their wonderful craft beer selection. One of my local favorites - Red Hare Brewery - makes specialty beers specifically for Freight.

When you walk in you'll see amazing decor, especially if you like any type of industrial feel. The old train space is adorned with everything from reclaimed wood and big barn doors to metal fixtures. Local paintings and burlap window treatments add wonderful texture and color to the space. The outside is equipped with a view of downtown Woodstock and even a lounge section to relax and enjoy their amazing food.

If Neil, one of the owners, is there - which he always is - you will feel like you walked into an old friends house... or better yet, the most popular kid in class's party. He will chat you up, remember your name, and even your faves. And if you ever need a question answered about any event they are hosting, he is quick to respond via the Freight Facebook page.

Look them up on Facebook. Go in for a craft beer and dinner, or their weekend morning brunch. It's worth it! Who knows... You'll probably see us there.

P.S. I am not the photographer of the group. Most of my photos are taken with my iphone. I apologie in advance for the graininess. :)

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