Friday, June 28, 2013

Lomography Love - La Sardina

I absolutely love my sweet little La Sardina camera!  Photographing with film can be so freeing, because you can't check your photo on a screen and delete it if you don't like what you see.  It forces you to think (or not!), act, and be creative. It also yields unpredictable results, which is a great thing, especially when you get used to how your camera works.  Here are my own La Sardina tips:

  • Take LOTS of pictures When my camera was just a wee thing, I was quite protective of the exposures on my roll of film.  I stretched the film as far as it would go, like trying to cover several events and travels with one 36 exposure roll.  This was disastrous.  I wasn't used to my camera, I wasn't learning it, and apparently I was doing it wrong.  The photos of my beach trip, two weekend trips with friends, Denver trip, and everything in between during that several month stretch -- ruined and unaccounted for!  It's okay if your photos all come back overexposed (or totally crappy otherwise), but figure it out early on.  Now I use one roll per trip if I can; it makes for a very special photo album later.
  • Read the instructions Okay, you should probably do this before you take lots of pictures.  Read the instructions, reread them, and maybe watch a youtube video or two.  The little things can make a huge difference to how your photos come out, or whether they do at all.
  • Look for inspiration You've loaded the camera, now what do you shoot??  Find inspiration by looking at galleries online.  Truthfully though, there's no wrong answer, and even the mundane can seem pretty cool once you have your printed photos in hand.
  • Multiple exposures La Sardina is perfect for multiple exposures!  It has a switch on the top, which allows you to take a photo over a previous photo.  So awesome!  While you can do many exposures like this, I think it looks best if you only do this once per photo (take a photo, flip the switch, take a photo, advance the film)...just my opinion ;)
  • Explore Locally If you're familiar with A Curious Commonage, you know we really push local exploration!  But seriously, this is perfect for that.  Walk around your town, your block, your village, your street, and look at things a bit differently.  I bet you'll find some beautiful thangs!

So what do La Sardina photos look like?  These are some of my favorites from my last roll.

What do you think?  Ready to give lomography a shot?

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