Tuesday, June 18, 2013

testing the waters of minimalism

If you're anything like my husband you are probably thinking "Why in the world would we want to get rid of all of our stuff? Our accomplishments? Our memories?" Well, for the next few weeks you can follow along as we test the waters and maybe even decide if minimalism is right for your family.

As you can probably tell,  this is totally my idea... it has taken months, if not years, to get my hubby on board. With a family of nine - yep, that's SEVEN kids - I really didn't think we could actually minimize our stuff. Honestly,  I figured we were doomed to a cluttered house if I wanted my kids to actually have anything. So I tried to organize everything really well... then I reorganized... and googled for new ways to organize... then color coded... and organized again. You get the point,  huh?

Somehow the idea began to creep into my head - probably as I was organizing - "if there was less stuff, then there would be less organizing and picking up, which means there would be more time and more space for our family". What a thought? 

In the past few weeks we have delivered seven or more garbage bags full to our local donation center and thrown out three bags of trash. We have started to see the effects, and I must admit, although its hard work (physically and emotionally), I'm really enjoying the freedom.

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